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Analysis, Politics - 07-Dec-1998
A Referendum On Me And Centre
A Referendum On Me And Centre

Even after exit polls declaring a BJP win in Madhya Pradesh were aired, chief minister Digvijay Singh appeared genuinely unperturbed. A picture of self-assurance, he maintained, as he had throughout the campaign, that he would form the government. 

The results must be encouraging.

God is great.

Is it a negative vote?

The voter today is very discerning and will decide on real issues. The BJP had been campaigning about corruption, which is a very easy charge to level against any government. At least I have taken action against my own ministers, no other government has done that. On the other hand, the BJP government has failed on all important fronts.

What specific issues contributed to your party's success?

I still maintain that these elections were a referendum on my government as well as Vajpayee's (government at the Centre). On the positive side, people have accepted our policies of panchayati raj and greater power to the people. Our pro-farmer initiatives like free electricity for rural areas have also been appreciated.

Will the choice of leadership be unanimous?

I have said before that I would be responsible for any failure that occurs. The choice of leader is with the legislative party and the high command.

Will the Congress still support the formation of...



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